It’s one thing to make a picture 

of what a person looks like,

it’s another thing to make

a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro

Everyone has an opinion, viewpoint, idea…you name it on a subject. Some may be in-depth, some …..shallow. Some may be polished ….. others flimsy. Its all in your head and this is what’s in mine….

Basically, this blog represents my views (however silly or irrelevant) on anything.

What do you think your doing mister?!! , you know, you must be a joker!!

Blah blah blah (wish i could’ve said that), that’s Ben by the way  (my walkabout MD), *pfttt…. let a brother breathe

So yeah, my views, my rules. Show some love to my personal janded agbero @_busola <3<3 @ and do have a good day.

P.S I’m trying to type in correct English cuz because i seem to have forgotten how to write properly.


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