Numbers, more than meets the eye?

“Edward ****** ?” Ben ……….

“Legal Mortgage is ongoing” Linda..

Seven….that’s my number or at least I thought it was. Lately though I’ve been shifting between numbers. Why is a number relevant some of you would ask, it probably isn’t to most people. However , I just get the feeling that most random decisions are based on your “chosen” number.

The drowsy nature of CAC meetings always allows my mind wander into the realm of absolute crap. I’ve always been fond of the number seven. As a child my favorite footballers Beckham and Pires, who literally dripped swag-goo, wore the number. As time went by the numbers 2,4,1 & 5 slowly started creeping in.

  • Number 1 probably because i always have that desire to be the best at whatever i do,
  • 2 because its easy to write really,
  • 4 because I always fancied myself as some sort of midfield genius (unfortunately, I’m as awful a footballer as they come) and
  • number 5 because……i don’t know *shrugs.

“Lateef ******** ?” Ben…

“He paid in some money on Friday” Nike.

I thought about this for a long time( 4 minutes is long enough when your in a boring meeting)  and thought….. heck work is boring anyway, lemme do some research. Thus began my office wide interview on people and their numbers. Funny enough, when i started asking people for numbers they were all like “Muyideen, U sef don dey play Baba Ijebu?”  I targeted three basic classes of people: The Bosses, Cool kids and the Gbefs rest .Interestingly the outcome of my mock research shows that most “Gbefs” indicated number 7 and  figure themselves to be scholars and philosophers of some sort..*smh., some of their reasons : “number of a hustler” *rme ,” mystical and theological number” spare us the sermon bro!! *pftt. I’ll focus greater on some interesting characters @ work:

  • Specimen A – Ubaka (Credit n Marketing): Igbo, fair, lanky, famzer, Igbo, annoying, aggressive, very funny too and Igbo…..in short Igbo.
  • Specimen B – Linda(Legal): Benin, bubbly, interesting, aggressive, funny , life of the party, chilling!!
  • Specimen C – Bayo (Project Management) : Yoruba, short, excellent presenter, smart, cool, office joker..
  • Specimen D – Ifeoma (Real Estate) : Igbo, Tall (should probably model), excessively and annoyingly cheerful, famzer, gullible.
  • Specimen E – Laolu (Real Estate) –  lanky, sure boy!!, chilling guy, ashewo.
  • Specimen F – Tolu (Mortgage Operations) : my office mummy 🙂 .. Yoruba, nice, cute,quiet, cu product, holy with a hint of freaky , good with her hands *winks .
  • And finally Specimen G – Kazeem (Treasury) : Yoruba, fresh, schwagg, boss, senator in the making, soji boss in GTHomes  (this is probably because he’s agreed to give me his Rolex when my IT ends) .

“Yinka *******??……………………Iyabo?” .. Ben

“Err I spoke to her last week with Ronke , she said she’ll pay up soon”…Iyabo

Now to cut the long story short, that is how I view our various specimen in my daily wanted and unwanted interaction with them. However based on their numbers numerology has other ideas *bleh:

1 –  Individual. Aggressor. Self. Leadership Yang.
2 –  Balance. Union. Receptive. Partnership Yin.
3 –  Communication/interaction. Self expression. Innovative skills
4 –  Creation.
5 –  Action. Restlessness. Life experience
6 –  Home/family. Responsibility.
7 –  Thought/consciousness. Spirit, Observor
8 –  Power/sacrifice.
9 –  Highest level of changes.

So lets get a move on:

  • Ubaka the annoying aggressor matches up, I don’t know about the leadership part though. Well he brought in some money last week and has this new pimp walk
  • Linda matches up excellently as she is an excellent communicator as well as being observant and thoughtful as a Lawyer.
  • Bayo the architect matches up considerably as he’s basically a genius really and thinks well.
  • Ifeoma the tall,  annoying cheerful philosophy graduate. I don’t really agree with her 7 , she should probably be a 3, too gbefish to be a 7 jorr.
  • Laolu number 4 plays like Okocha , scores like Ronaldinho (according to him)..weist man….well saying he’s very creative is a bit farfetched but I can manage this.
  • Tolu the closet freak says she prefers even numbers that can be split evenly and mentioned 2,6 and 4 as possible numbers before axing the 6 for religious reasons, so yeah a 2 fits her as a nice fair person and 4 cause seems like she might be good @ beads n stuff.
  • Kazeem is just a boss and until i get the rolex I’ll agree with anything concerning him :).

Oh and finally me, well I’m some sort of genius really and I’m lazy enough to be an Observer .

But really I’ve got love for all you. Guys , work would be way way boring without you guys . So please don’t press P and if you do *shrugs..oh well.:).

What’s your number and does it match with your personality?


11 thoughts on “7

  1. Funny Creativity, Brilliant write up , best yet + if you need somekinda Blog Editor , I’d do it for free lol

  2. Muyi,this is really nice & thoughtful! 4 is my number but i must say there’s much more 4 me.Thumbs up

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