Sounds of Lagos

*ta n ta ta tanana ta

Its 4:30am and my alarm has just gone off. I turn over and hurl the phone into a pile of clothes nearby.

*Tap tap tap

Its 5:00am and my manual alarm cum brother has come to finish the job my phone started. UghI slowly get off the bed and get ready for the day ahead.

Its 6:00am and I’m ready for work, my brother and I step out the door and not 7 paces later our neighbors dog lets out the usual stream of barks. After walking for about 150m with just the sound of our footsteps for company we emerge onto the main road. Here our footsteps are joined by the occasional *zoooom of a passing car or the more rhythmic clip clop of a jogger nearby.

* Vrrr Chk chk……..Costain, Cms!!!”

Okay my representation of sounds is not all that but our rickety relic of a bus has arrived. We step in and take our seats. At this point more vehicle noises are coming through as well as car horns. Ah, yes horns….a Lagos drivers favorite toy and a sleepy passengers worst nightmare. We’re on the bridge now zooming along swerving through cars and I get the usual urge to pray for my life, I look sideways at my brother and I know he’s thinking the exact same thing.

*zoooom….Clack …..zoom…..clack…zoo… clack…zzz…. clack

I snap out of my little reverie at this point, from the sounds i know we’re approaching the noisy expansion joint on Eko bridge….God help us… again.

*beep beep bepp…screech…tap tap tap…”abi o ti ya were”….”maroko ..lekki.”..”odeku..waso

It’s 6:20 and I’m at CMS bustop waiting for my next bus. The bustop is already full of activity, buses all over the place, people struggling for buses

Odeku ..waso wole

There’s my bus, i see people rushing to grab the limited spaces. I chuckle to myself and simply start towards the bus then jog backwards for a bit and jump into the bus unopposed. Soon enough * gba gba tap tap tap..yeh!!!…koshi kuro..gba ” The crowd gets to the bus and its a free for all, some fall and others get injured :(. Moving along the usual blaring of horns and rattling of unknown bus parts is back.The journey is uneventful from there.

Its 6:30 and we’re approaching my stop. *grr gi gi. I jump out, take my earpiece out and complete my short walk with Gotye – Easy Way Out filling my head….and these are the sounds of my typical Lagos morning. 🙂

Photo credit: Lagos Trip Advisor


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