2 0

I actually planned to have this out last week with the Weekly Challenge but decided to push it forward to coincide with by 20th birthday. Enjoy 🙂 (at least try to)


20. The big 2 0, suddenly I feel much older for no good reason *sigh. Its 12:05am, the first mentions and pings come through. I scroll through, smile and try to feel special for like 3 seconds, now that’s out-of-the-way I get off the bed and walk into the living room. Thankfully, that’s not exactly hard seeing as my room opens into it, I stand beside this funny wooden screen my mum has insisted on forcing upon us (stylish woman, my mum but like all most women she likes clutter). I look to my left, my genius role model brother is immersed in his CFA books (Lemme not start on him, I’m sure I’ll dedicate a post to him in the near future).

Yeah, moving on I get the photo albums from the cabinet. These albums are probably my favorite possessions in the whole world, It’ll probably have been that orange carrot shaped rocking chair in our former residence (Rainbow Boys’ll  remember this) if it hadn’t mysteriously disappeared.

I smile as I spot a picture I can still link to the actual event. What makes these albums special to me isn’t actually the pictures in them (though, they play a huge part) but the empty spaces of pictures missing. At this point I have to smile, said pictures vanished along with my ill-fated slum book. To cut the long story short, I did up one then because i was trying to impress a certain girl and even had the effrontery to pen the mushiest dedication page “you have my heart and locked it in a cage” ( What was i thinking? 😦 ). Fortunately and unfortunately said slum book never reached its intended viewers in Rainbow Girls for reasons unknown to me. On one fateful night when the family were watching “Mama Dearest“, the following scene ensues.

Man walks into room, stares at long-lost picture with wife and then sheds tears.

I was really beginning to enjoy the movie despite the fact that it was intruding on the Arsenal game when Mum just had to ask,

Sunkanmi, (this puts me on alert, mum only calls me that when some serious shit is about to go down) where are those pictures you were putting in that book“.

Suffice to say my response was unsatisfactory as I was then treated to an hour or two of omorogun bashing…Lets just say I’m not quick to pull pictures anymore.

I take one last look at my fair, fresh year old self and wonder where it all went wrong,  :(. Its 12:20am and there’s work later on today. Ugh..work, I should be off now by now. I take one last look at my phone for that message from that special someone, not in yet…Na to crash be that.



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