Bus Wars : Unilag

The past few weeks have been hectic for Unilag students like myself, commuting to and fro school has been total shit really. The fact that hostels weren’t open yet coupled with the national sports festival and okada ban caused mayhem. Well, the idea for this post came while I was at the bus stop in-front of emerald waiting with probably a thousand other students for my bus. Enjoy


*Good, the bad and the ugly playing in the background*

Eyes dart from side to side checking out the competition,

hands grip bags tightly preparing for flight,

leaning forward and…. *screech.. the bus comes into view with the conductor yelling out *Yaba!!!!!!!!!!!!*

All hell is let loose. Students jumping, pushing, shoving each other to obtain the holy grail that is a seat in the bus. Yours truly observes from a distance, really at this point I’m way too old for all this. A simple glance around and I can identify and place all the students around into three categories: The Jumpers, OG’s( I know there’s nothing cool about the manner you approach buses but hey its allowed) and the Gbefs.

A Jumper is your typical ruthless bus goer; he pushes, shoves, steps on and does whatever is necessary to make the bus. He doesn’t mind hanging on to a moving bus while jostling for a seat. No…he’s the real deal, a mean busing machine.

Then there’s the OG’s. Now this group which yours truly falls into 🙂 don’t stress, no pulling, no pushing. We’re sufficiently experienced to know the periods not be found at the bus stop or the dark arts for successfully sneaking into buses without any uncalled for jostling. Although, most of us just come out, see the throng of people attacking scarce buses and retreat to Miami or Ransom Kuti for a game of Fifa or two.

Finally, we have the clueless lot/ gbefs. This lot reek of fear, they stand around looking apprehensive and scared of the struggle, on some occasions they may display unrefined jumperish tendencies usually with unfavorable results. Such was the case of a young lady who jumped into a bus in her excitement only to discover albeit too late that it was the wrong bus….. Pity.

However, it is not unheard of for some individuals to possess dual spirits. A certain friend of mine *cough* who at this stage should be a full blown OG cannot resist the urge to occasionally let out his inner jumper.

Now that’s done with, I have a bus to catch. Later 🙂

Photo Credit: Vanguard Nigeria


7 thoughts on “Bus Wars : Unilag

  1. Hahahahahahaha….natural born OG….buh there’s a jumper in errybody sha (˘̯˘ ) …especially when u realise ts 1 bus that shows up erry hour nd a half or so….

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